What the Contract Says

Say what you want about attorneys, they will often have you think through things you never considered and mitigate downside risk.

Full Disclosure: I am currently married to an attorney and no warranties are expressed or implied by that statement, or any statements.


Earlier this week, a deal that we had signed in November fell apart. The buyer felt it was in their interest to back out of the deal.

In practice, we have every legal right to win and fight and kick and scream.


But I won’t.

Not just because Seth Godin tells us Justice is Scarce.


I was recently at lunch with a friend Aaron and his astute comment to me was, ‘There are 2 type of people, those who know how expensive and painfula dn time consuming litigation is… and those who will find out.”


But greater than that, there is a what’s right. I know that the deal didn’t fall apart because either fo us was trying to wrong the other. It wasn’t a fit and the smartest thing for both of us is to walk away as whole as possible.


I don’t want or choose to spend my time fighting, where I want to be in the long run is so much larger than this, or any 1 deal.


What is a grudge or something where you can be the bigger person, or make someones life better?

This week, for me, it is trying to not take the legal rights and remedies my attorney setup for me since it’s how I’d want to be treated in the reverse.

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