Using Byproducts and Waste

I am one of the beautiful nerds, as Roman Mars puts it, who loves 99% Invisible. It’s a design podcast that has bee around for over 330 episodes. Great way to learn about random things when you want to be curious and the day has been to serious.


The most recent episode has me thinking. Ep 332, the Accidental Room talks about artists who find a remnant space in a mall and turn it into a ~750 sq ft apartment and live in it for ~4 years before being caught and asked to vacate the apartment they furnished and occupied.


This got me thinking about what remnant things do I have and how can they be better used, or us under used.

We all have that remnant something in our lives that can be lent to someone, sold, leveraged, shared. This could be for social, emotional, financial gain, or just because.


This could be a lawnmower, car, swingset, computer CD / DVD Drive, international power plugs… literally anything small or large.


What’s something that’s sitting around unused that would bring others joy or you benefit? As someone with a cotton candy machine, story for another time, I can tell you, there is almost always sitting around that could be better used or allocated to someone else without reducing your enjoyment of it.


In short, what could you do to share and make someones day / week / month / life better?


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