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Why Do You Need a Business Coach?

The key to excelling in the business world is having good business game. But some of us are not born with the same talents for commerce as others. This is where the business coach comes in. Their job is to work with you to create the best strategy for improving your game, while also helping […]

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Digital Marketing Tactics to Avoid

Digital marketing is very much a mix of art and science. The recent lawsuit concerning the Papa John’s texting scandal has not only brought to light some of the flawed digital marketing tactics that many organizations are using to get ahead of their competitors, but has set a prime example for exactly what businesses using […]

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Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Small businesses often find themselves caught in a loop of negative feedback.  Something happens, which negatively impacts their sales.  In order to save money, they cut back on costs.  One of the first areas of the budget to be targeted in many instances is the marketing strategy.  So, the business attracts even less customers in […]

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Brand Management – Lessons for Small Business

As marketing and advertising have become more sophisticated, they have also become more specialized.  These days, the most experienced gurus have watched firsthand as the art of influencing potential customers has evolved from simple graphic design and desktop publishing to the focus group intensive environment based on psychology that we see today.  As a result, […]

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