Stop Doing the Easy Stuff

It’s 9:58a and I’ve been at my desk for 90 mins with less to show for it than I’d like.

I’ve been working, but not on things that are the top priority. I hired a new developer, helped a buyer of one of the companies out, sent a few reminders following up on sales tasks… all things that need to be done and are tasks, but it’s not the most important thing.

What I allowed to happen is for other people to pick what’s most important.


The thing that I should have been working on are 2 large frog projects (projects I don’t really want to do) but would have a much greater impact to the company.


Frog projects are all around, they don’t look sexy or enjoyable or simple. They are the complex things, hard to determine how to get done and the ones where your reptilian brain keeps telling you to ignore and put off.


Block the time each day to get that done. Spending even 30 minutes a day on just that stuff will ripple out and make a huge difference  in the overall health of the company and my ability to keep the entire team working, productive and happy.


Here’s to the frog.


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