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Sometimes we want the end result, the perfectly prepared dish at a restaurant. The amazing experience, the plane just booked and taken care of.
Other times we want to know how it happened and get more emotionally involved.
If I tell you the opening offer was rejected and I’ve spent so much time and effort back and forth, that context helps paint a picture to you as the receiver of information who lacks the perspective of the effort and what went into the result you are being shown.
This is called the availability heuristic, things you do and see are more emotionally salient.
The Watergate building break in was the 3rd and least invasive plan presented to President Nixon.
If the third plan was presented first, would Nixon have had to resign? Maybe it would have been dismissed completely, impossible to know.
Persuasion is the co-creation of a state of identification between a source and a receiver.
What information are you leaving out that makes that co creation harder for people in your life to understand?
We don’t always need to know the brand or stove the chef uses, but sometimes knowing what went into the dish makes a difference in the end result, and what it’s worth.

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