Radical Honesty

Ray Donovan is a Showtime show that has been off the air for a few years (it’s 2018 right now). In the 2nd or 3rd season, there is a character who espouses the virtues of radical honesty.  In short, it is not holding back and saying what you really feel.

This holiday season, there are many times I’ve noticed people who would benefit from radical honesty. Some are based in deep family issues that have gone on for decades, some are superficial things, that can be attacked before they develop into something more.


As we approach a new year, what are the things that should be said, but haven’t been.

  • Said to Family
  • Said to Friends
  • Said to Coworkers / Staff
  • Said to Partners


Each day it’s simple to say, I’m no going to address this today, and move on, but that is RAM that’s in use and can’t be freed for something else that could be more productive. Sticking with the computer metaphor, eventually you’ll be running on swap and won’t be able to process even the most basic tasks.


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