Pit Stops Are OK

Yesterday I started the day very optimistic.
By about lunch I was really down about a lack of response to a email creative that isn’t fully tested.
Intellectually I know we are not done with the test and shouldn’t give up but I was annoyed.
What did I do? 
Went to buy another business.
That is my go to because a new business has potential. I know intimately that the seller is running from something and it is a problem swap.
That said it’s more appealing than my current problems.
What happened today?
I filled out a few non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) since Acquisition of another company is on my goals by end of 2020, but I got back to working on the creative, got feedback on the issues and working on another list.
It’s ok that I spent a few hours upset but like a punching bag, I came right back try again today.
It’s not easy but it’s the way to move a mountain, eat an elephant, or get a big project done… one small (sometimes boring) piece at a time.
What do you default to when you are frustrated? 

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