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You have the sales. You have the product….
Why doesn’t it feel like your business is working?

Short answer… Your processes and systems suck.

When business systems work, it is a thing of beauty.
Customers show up, are provided with remarkable service, pay and say amazing things about you… and all you see are the positive reviews because your team and systems manage all the complexity that at one time was your responsibility.

What if you had a process for virtually everything you do in your business that was documented and automated. That would mean if team members were promoted,  left or had an unexpected medical issue, it would be a seamless transition for someone else to take over where the last person left off.

Thats what you need to  grow your business, Processes and Systems that are well documented and automated. Thinking about process and systems documentation.

Processes are all around us:

  • Payroll
  • Hiring & Firing
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Walking the Dog

Benefits of Documenting Your Process

Reduce Risk:

When results are clear, errors are reduced and team members feel comfortable with results and goals that everyone is clear on. Customers are happier with increased consistency of service. If a team member leaves or has an emergency, any and all loss is mitigated.

Spark Innovation:

When processes are optimized, the mental energy that was being invested can now focus on creativity. This means allowing people to learn and try new positions. These new eyes allow innovation to occur. This switching cross trains people and improves people, process and the company. A side benefit is when people take vacation, there is time to truly check out and that means happy, more productive team members when they return.

Save Time & Money:

For employees to reach potential in a typical company can take over a year. By delivering documentation that can be turned to quickly and easily, on boarding new team members is faster & easier. This is a huge increase in efficiency. Additionally automation that is implemented becomes simpler and more obvious to more team members.

Target Customer:

Companies with  $2 -$50 Million in annual revenue with a small management team who are looking to:
  • Fix broken process
  • Scale existing business
  • Owners who want to work On not In their business
  • Preparing to sell your company.

Our Services

Step 1: Analysis

Our process begins with an on site visit where possible or phone calls to understand where you are as a company currently. This often means speaking with people at each level of the organization and getting a detailed understanding of company needs.

Pricing: $4500

Step 2: Process Documentation:

Our process continues with helping you identify and then utilizing our team to build your process. By utilizing our team to handle the heavy lifting, you are able to quickly document your processes.

Most companies have between 150 and 1000 processes that need to be built.  A typical processes takes 2-3 hours to document and can be handled by our trained full time international team.

Step 3: Implementation & Ongoing Support:

Typical projects involve some level on ongoing support which can be provided as a monthly retainer or on an hourly basis but varies greatly based on your needs and the size of internal team.


For over a year I have been struggling with consultants and spending way too much money on so called gurus and consultants. After a few quick calls with Matt and his team , he setup the perfect process for clients to send us projects. The process saved us a ton of time and allowed our clients to engage us easily.  Work and revenues increased, but staffing did not.  He also worked with my IT consultant and made sure integration went flawlessly. When something wasn’t working months later, Matt jumped same day and fixed the problem no charge. We have happier clients, happier staff, and I have a handle on all my projects,  bottle neck gone!
 – Mike D, Marketing Firm
Matt & his team have given me back hours a day helping me feel less anxious about all I have to accomplish each day, which is priceless. I would have never been able to figure out by myself what needed my attention versus what I could let a software, an amazing assistant or a service handle for me.
 – Marisa F, Legal

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