Learning from Everyone

The great thing about learning is that is can happen anywhere, with lessons taught by anyone, in some cases without a common language. The question is, do you have your eyes open and your mind open to learning and improving.

People in the strangest and least likely places have taught me the most important lessons and approaches.

Yesterday I sent out a contract to a test client (FYI: the client knows that they are a test client). I had hesitation around sending the email, probably because somewhere inn my gut it felt like it wasn’t ready, but I sent it having that feeling and got the response I expected, and some I didn’t.

My test client taught me more about how I was perceived and my own sales process than I ever expected. A lot of that came when I made my intentions clear and said directly, I don’t care if I never make money from you, I want to learn. I know if i perfect this with you the impact is huge. If I don’t learn from you and improve my failure will be magnified.

We wandered into areas I never thought we would and the service we are offering as a result is much much better and closer to launch, but it can’t happen without an open mind and willingness to learn from everyone and every experience.


What is something you should be open to but are resistant to learning?

Where does that resistance come from?


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