How Long Did That Take?

Picasso was once asked, how long did it take to draw a fairly simple drawing.
The answer is simply, less than a minute and over 50 years gaining the experience and notoriety so the minute was worth that much.
We all have the benefit and curse of experiences that have taught us how to and how not to approach situations.
Last night I launched a new ad campaign.
It took me about 20 mins.
However that was after probably 20+ hours of work to get it all done and setup initially.
The model of paying for time feels painful to me since it discounts all of the experience and investment to sharpen the skills each expert has.
The next logical shift in conversation is to determine what something is ‘worth’ to me. That can be a very fuzzy question with vastly different answer for each person, and the answer you get might upset you, especially if you are the service provider and consider the time invested.
The question becomes, can you build something where you charge for the value you create and is that worth the investment of time required?

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