Hiring Tests

How to handle people who don’t show up or show up late to interviews?
This is the best candidate in my opinion, they are self selecting out.
We embed tests numerous points in the interview.  (I do this with investing also).

We embed requests like list all living things on a state flag.

There are usually insects, people, trees and other things that could be living.

It’s a straightforward question that can be answered multiple ways. If you name at least one we consider it a pass.
Then we ask to call us at a certain time. Do they, are they prepared and on time. This could be automated to upload a video answering a question by a deadline at scale, but for a few positions, it’s not enough of a time commitment to spend 15 minutes with someone who shows interest in your company.
Have they done research on the company?
Ask them to send something, anything Hu a certain point in time.
Setup 1 more meeting. By this point you’ve got a better idea of how responsive and how likely they are to show up and do at least some things on time.
This also presupposes that detail is important to the role. The result is it cuts out 80% of candidates.
We have seen a higher quality team as a result.
How do you build tests or checks into your hiring?

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