Help Your Team… Take a Vacation

We do it all the time unconsciously, and sometimes not as unconsciously. It happens when the phone rings, when we get a text, encrypted message, email, things in the mail.


We’re conditioning people to act a certain way.

Each time we respond in 2 minutes, we condition people to expect that response. Each time we help the team member who probably would be better off if they learned how to do X or Y themselves… but it only takes a minute.


These are the bad habits that are your fault for allowing and encouraging, but all is not lost. Here is the simple solution… and you’re going to enjoy it.


Take a Vacation.

Oh yeah…

Take a Vacation and Don’t Answer Your Phone for ANYONE if it’s Work Related.


When we travel, we create the space for people to solve their own problems and get better.

While it hurts int he short term, it ends up allowing the team to grow and get better and has the even greater benefit of allowing you to grow as a person, be present for people while traveling and return refreshed. The team becomes more self sufficient and confident and while there might be some small hiccups int he short term, long term you have a more sustainable business with a resilient team that is much more able to handle growth.

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