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It’s so simple to not do things.
Not doing doesn’t mean not taking action, there is a ton of action that can be taken to not do things.
By do things I mean actions that are moving forward and toward a positive action or result in the company.
As I speak to people of all sizes, walks of life and ages,
I hear this ‘not doing’ in a million different forms.
  • I need $XXX thousand to finish my website.
  • Once I do XYZ action,  I’ll have too many customers I won’t be able to handle them.
  • We need a new tool to really do it right and we can’t do anything till then.
If you are in the medical field, yes do more testing, but there is afar more inaction because it delays the failing. It is easier to tinker than call people who will say your product sucks and needs to be changed.
In the time that you are not failing publicly, the failure is rolled into a larger ball, compounding into a larger failure later.
Learn from my mistakes… Fail small and early and often. 
When you take action, do something that drives to a direct result, that result will usually be money… but it can be impact.

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