Building an Enjoyable Process

I hear a lot of talk about processes these days, perhaps it is the machine learning algorithm we live in, or the circles in which I run, but a lot of process sucks. People (including myself) don’t want to feel like we are being processed. That said, when process works, it is the most amazing experience in the world.

I check into a hotel and as a car pulls up, someone is there to take my bags direct to my room, hands me a key and has all of my data so no stop at a line or check in desk is needed.

When all of my wants, needs and desires are anticipated and planned for, process feels (and is) amazing and not oppressive or unwelcome.

Earlier today I chose to stop working with a company because I felt each time I interacted with any frontline and non executive staff it was like I was speaking to a poorly programmed chat bot.

No matter where you are in the world and what size company you are working with, there has to be room and flexibility for peoples judgement. I firmly believe that if you give people the room to grow and thrive, you will be amazed at how much they can do. I also believe if you treat people poorly and like machines, you will end up with an environment where people shrink to the role you allow.

Our focus is to give parameters and guidelines so people have the tactical ability to accomplish anything asked of them, while giving freedom to use their judgement, understand that not all situations are the same, ask questions and make mistakes.


Takeaway Thoughts:

  • How are you empowering your team to grow as much as possible?
  • What processes do you use on your team?
  • Put yourself in the customers shoes, how does your experience feel from outside the bottle?

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