Local Businesses and Social Media

Recently, I’ve heard or seen several people discussing social media management startups that primarily focus on local companies. While I think this could be an interesting idea in theory, I keep coming back to this one thought: Local business owners don’t set out trying to run a Fortune 500 company.  There’s a reason why they […]

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Why the MBA Mentality Sucks

In May of 2010, I earned my MBA from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. The general opinion of risk-averse people was that this was an excellent career move. For the entrepreneurial crowd in my life, this was perceived as being somewhere between a hair shirt and a career-limiting move.

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1 Chat Roulette

Perhaps I am behind the internet by a few weeks, but Chat Roulette has now entered my life. There is a certain amount of trepidation with which I approach this technology. When I approach a stranger in real life, there is an acknowledgment and a nonverbal communication that cannot be replicated online.

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