Pricing Bands

Pricing your product is one of, if not the most important things you’ll decide in your business. As I like to say, great businesses are built on great margins. So, price too low, and your margins will be too slim. But, price too high and you won’t be able to make enough [...]

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Get Personal

I once had a friend contact me, frustrated with his lack of success with an email campaign.   85 people received it, 50% opened, 35% clicked through, and he had $0 in sales.   I had a look at his site. The problem? It was completely impersonal.   The product [...]

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Outsourcing for Success

I’ve written before on the big mindset shift that I believe needs to happen before anyone can truly begin outsourcing effectively.   Even after undergoing that mindset shift, some people still have trouble figuring out exactly what tasks they can outsource or have a bad [...]

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