Arbitrary Deadlines

Happy New Year!

Now is as good of a time as any to make a change… of your committed to sticking to it.

The same is true for April 1 or July 17.

We all know that the reality is, all deadlines are arbitrary.


We often judge decisions after the fact.

Don’t decide if you want to skydive when you’re 10,000 feet above the ground. Before you book the time, drive to the airport, go to the safety briefing, walk to the plane and all the other steps you take should be when you ask the question, not when the wind is rushing through your hair.


Instead of making a resolution, change of habit, or whatever you choose to call, it; ask yourself a few questions.

Are you committed to the change?

What will you do to make sure you keep the change?

Do you need outside support or assistance?


A habit takes a while to stick, I’ve heard a ton of numbers, let’s go with a month since it’s simple.

Print a monthly calendar, write the goal and give yourself an X or 🙂 or something when you meet your goal.

If you don’t (or do) take the action you are working to reinforce… that day remains empty and vacant of accomplishment.



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