Pandora Messes with Ratings

It was said during the .com boom that if you can’t figure out what the product is, you (more accurately your data) is what’s being sold.

I love UI and UX and try to pay attention to changes. When Lana Del Rey’s new album came out it started being played much more frequently than other artists through Pandora.

When I opened the app on my computer, there was no rating button to thumbs up or down the track. This seemed strange so I waited for the next song… magically the ratings appeared and stayed for any other artist album or anything but Lana. (see images below)

The question becomes, was this paid for?

If it was (which I assume it is), does removing the downvote feature outweigh removing the upvote feature as well? Why would that be valuable to the Lana’s record label… or Pandora?


Pandora-Missing-Ratings Pandora-Ratings

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